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How to use Trezor with an Android smartphone

How to use Trezor with an Android smartphone

The below step-by-step guide explains how you can use a Trezor device with an android smartphone (as opposed to a computer). Trezor can be used with a Trezor through the use of a third-party application called “Mycelium”.

Follow the below steps for setting up your Trezor device with the Mycelium application. This will allow you to make payments from your Trezor device when connected to an Android smartphone.

COMMENT: You will first need to set up your Trezor device on your computer, before you are able configure your Trezor device with an Android smartphone via the Mycelium application.

  1. Sign in

    Download and install the latest version of the Mycelium application on your Android smartphone.

  2. Create new wallet

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    Open the Mycelium application and select ‘Create New’.

  3. Tab Accounts

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    Start by selecting the tab ‘Accounts’ and then press on the key icon in the top right corner of the screen of your smartphone in order to add a new account.

  4. Advanced

    Ouvrez l’application « Mycelium » sur votre smartphone Android et sélectionnez 'Create New'.

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    Press on the button ‘Advanced’ on the bottom of the screen of your smartphone.

  5. Import Trezor

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    Press on the button ‘Trezor’ under the option ‘Import a Trezor-HD-Account’, in the middle of the screen of your smartphone.

  6. Connect Trezor

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    Connect your Trezor device with your Android smartphone through a USB-cable (Trezor One: micro-USB OTG or Trezor Model T: USB-C cable).

    Your Android smartphone will automatically detect the Trezor device.

  7. Enter Pin

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    Enter the PIN of your Trezor device.

  8. Trezor Okay

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    Enter your Trezor passphrase (in case you have one). In case your Trezor device is not secured by a passphrase, choose a secret passphrase and enter it in the input space (under ‘Enter optional passphrase). Make sure to write your secret passphrase down and keep it somewhere safe. Press OK.

    If the Mycelium application erroneously displays an amount of zero, restart the previous steps and doublecheck if your passphrase was inserted correctly.

  9. Trezor Okay

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    The Mycelium application will verify if your Trezor contains any funds. This can take a few moments.

  10. Import Account

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    n this example, one account has been detected by the Mycelium application.

    Select the account to load it on the application or press ‘Import next unused account’ on the bottom of the screen of your smartphone to create a new account.

  11. Edit Account Label

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    Choose a label for your Trezor account and click OK. Going forward, this account will be displayed in the Mycelium application.

    Congratulations. You are now able to make payments through your Android smartphone, by using the Mycelium application. Please note that your Trezor needs to be connected to your smartphone to be able to make a payment.

    COMMENT: Please note that even if your Trezor device is not connected to your Android smartphone, you’re still able to consult the Mycelium application on your smartphone. This means that even if you’re Trezor device is not connected, you’re still able to check the balance of your Trezor wallet on your smartphone, generate new addresses and receive payments.

    On the other hand, you can only send cryptocurrency from your Trezor wallet using your Android smartphone when the Trezor device is connected to your smartphone.

    Félicitations ! Vous pouvez désormais effectuer des paiements à l’aide de l'application « Mycelium » moyennant votre smartphone Android, lorsqu’il est connecté à votre portefeuille matériel TREZOR.

    REMARQUE : Même si votre appareil TREZOR est débranché de votre smartphone Android après utilisation, vous êtes toujours en mesure de consulter l'application « Mycelium » sur votre smartphone Android. De cette façon, vous pouvez toujours voir votre solde, générer de nouvelles adresses et recevoir des paiements.

    En revanche, l'envoi de cryptomonnaies depuis votre appareil TREZOR à l’aide de l'application « Mycelium » sur votre smartphone Android n'est possible que lorsque votre appareil TREZOR est connecté à votre smartphone Android.

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