Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the workings or use of the TREZOR hardware wallets or the Cryptosteel, we kindly refer you to (1) the list of frequently asked questions set forth below and (2) our complete list of detailed instruction manuals (see tab ‘Resources’ in the top right corner of the main navigation bar).

Questions générales

Who are we? is an official partner of TREZOR and Cryptosteel. Our mission is to make the highest level of security for cryptocurrency available to all consumers. By doing so, we hope to accelerate the global adoption of this new revolutionary technology.

What is TREZOR?

TREZOR is the world leader in the manufacturing of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies.
The TREZOR hardware wallets are the most advanced hardware wallets, in terms of security and functionality, currently available on the market. The TREZOR hardware wallets support a wide range of cryptocurrencies that is unmatched by other competing brands. In addition, the TREZOR hardware wallets can also be used as (1) password manager and (2) U2F security token when signing in to all your online accounts. These last two features are unique to the TREZOR hardware wallets.

What is the shipping time of my order?

An order is dispatched within 24 hours. The delivery time varies on average between 2 and 4 working days after the date of shipment.

Is there a way to pick up my order in person?

Orders cannot be retrieved in person. They are sent only by mail/delivery courier.

With which postal service or shipping carrier will my order be shipped?

We use Bpost, DHL or UPS to ship out orders.

What are the shipping costs? 

Free shipping:
- the Netherlands;
- France;
- Germany; and
- the United Kingdom.
Rest of Europe: € 13.99

What is the returns policy?

You have the right to cancel your order until 14 calendar days after the time of order, provided however that the security seals have not been broken.
WARNING: Regarding (1) TREZOR One, (2) the TREZOR Model T and (3) the Cryptosteel: If a safety seal has been broken your order is final and cannot be returned.
If you want to use your right of cancellation of an order, you have 14 calendar days after your cancellation in writing to return your product in its original state (and provided that no security seal has been broken). The return costs are to be borne solely by the customer returning the item.
Once we have received the return order in its original condition (in particular, with no broken security seal(s)), we will refund the full order amount minus the shipping costs charged at the time of the order (if applicable).
If you wish to use your right of cancellation, please contact us via

I believe my product is defective. What should I do?

If you think that your product is defective, please contact us by email at, explaining in detail the problem you are experiencing (if possible, with one or more high resolution images(s) of the problem).
We will then first examine whether we can solve the issue. If we determine that the product is indeed defective, we will contact you in order to find a satisfactory solution together with you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The different payment methods are displayed here 

Questions about our products.

General questions about TREZOR products
What are the main differences between the TREZOR One and the TREZOR Model T?

The TREZOR One is the original model. The TREZOR Model T is the most recent model of the TREZOR catalog and builds further upon the TREZOR One architecture.
The TREZOR Model T incorporates several improvements over the TREZOR One model, the most important of which are listed below:

  • The TREZOR Model T is equipped with an LCD touchscreen with bright colors. The user can therefore perform multiple actions by touch on the screen of the TREZOR device (e.g. insert the PIN code, insert a passphrase, confirm a transaction, etc.). This enhances the level of security of the TREZOR Model T.
  • The TREZOR Model T uses a seed key of 12 words (compared to 24 words for TREZOR One). This makes it faster and easier for the user to setup the TREZOR Model T and to perform a back-up, but without reducing the level of security.
  • The TREZOR Model T is equipped with a Micro-SD card slot (it will soon be possible to store data, encrypted by your TREZOR Model T (such as passwords and U2F security tokens), on a Micro-SD card, instead of in your Dropbox or Google Drive account).
  • The TREZOR Model T is equipped with a USB-C connector which is the latest USB standard, allowing for faster flow of data.
  • The TREZOR Model T is equipped with a more powerful processor (CPU).
  • The TREZOR Model T comes with a security seal on the USB-C port. If the security seal is intact when unboxing the device for the first time, this means that it is safe for the user to use the device.
  • The TREZOR Model T comes with a magnetic dock with an adhesive side. This allows you to easily suspend your TREZOR Model T at any place of your choosing.
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How can I use Ether and ERC-20 cryptocurrency using my TREZOR hardware wallet?

The manual Send and Receive Ether or ERC-20 cryptocurrency using TREZOR  contains a step-by-step guide explaining how to use Ether or ERC-20 tokens with the TREZOR device.

I don’t remember the PIN code of my TREZOR device. How can I regain access to my TREZOR hardware wallet?

In case you have forgotten the PIN code of your TREZOR but you still have your seed key, do not worry; you will be able to regain access to your cryptocurrency.
However, in order to regain access to your cryptocurrency, you will first need to wipe your TREZOR device and subsequently reset your device by means of your seed key. To achieve this, please follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide Reset TREZOR if PIN is lost.

My TREZOR wallet displays an incorrect zero balance after having updated the TREZOR firmware. How can I solve this problem?

Although very exceptional, it can sometimes happen that following a firmware update your TREZOR device is wiped clean. In such case, your balance will show an incorrect amount of zero and the history of your transactions will no longer be visible in the wallet interface. 

Do not worry; all your cryptocurrency, passwords and U2F security tokens are still safe and accessible. However, in such case, you will need wipe your TREZOR device and subsequently reset your TREZOR device by means of your seed key. To achieve this, please follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide Reset TREZOR if PIN is lost 

The TREZOR wallet does not recognize my TREZOR device. How can I solve this problem?

Make sure to use a platform and browser compatible with the TREZOR device. Then try again.
Compatible platforms:
-           Windows (version 7 or higher);
-           Mac OS X (version 10.11 or higher); and
-           Linux.
Compatible browsers:
-               Google Chrome; and
-               Mozilla Firefox.

What is the ‘seed key’ and what purpose does it serve?

The seed key is a series of 12 words (TREZOR Model T) or 24 words (TREZOR One) that you must write down and keep safe when setting up your TREZOR device for the very first time. These 12 or 24 words constitute a unique code for your TREZOR device.
The seed key serves as a back-up code for all your cryptocurrency and other digital data that you save on your TREZOR device (such as passwords and U2F security tokens). In case you would lose access to your TREZOR hardware wallet (e.g. if you lose your TREZOR device, in case your TREZOR device is damaged, or if you have forgotten your PIN code), the seed key will allow you to regain access to all your data.
WARNING: It is very important that you store your seed key accurately (i.e. spelled correctly and in the right order) and that you keep your seed key secret and offline, in a secure place to which you alone have physical access. Never make a digital copy of your seed key.
In this regard, we strongly recommend you use the indestructible Cryptosteel  that has been specifically designed for safely storing your seed key.

Specific questions about the TREZOR Model T
How to install the TREZOR Model T?

Follow the instructions in the step-by-step installation guide TREZOR One Installation Guide

Questions spécifiques à propos du TREZOR Model T
How to install the TREZOR Model T?

Follow the instructions in the step-by-step installation guide TREZOR Model T Installation Guide 

How to start the mode “bootloader”?

Slide your finger across the screen from bottom to top when you are simultaneously connecting the TREZOR Model T to your computer.

The cable is not firmly connected with the TREZOR device. What should I do?

Push the cable firmly into the USB-C port of the device until you hear a 'click'.

Why does the TREZOR Model T have a seed key of only 12 words in total?

The TREZOR Model T uses a unique 12-word seed key (compared to 24-word seed key for the TREZOR One). This makes the installation and backup of the TREZOR Model T faster and easier for the user, but without compromising the level of security.
If you are already using a TREZOR One, you can opt to use the same seed key of 24 words for the TREZOR Model T. In that case, choose 'Recover Wallet' when installing your TREZOR Model T.

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The security seal covering the USB-C port leaves some adhesive residue on the device after having torn off the security seal. Is this normal and what can I do to remove this residue?

Some adhesive residue from the security seal covering the TREZOR Model T USB-C port may stick to the unit after the security seal has been removed. This is completely normal. You can easily remove the residue by rubbing the area or cleaning the area with a cleaning product that is safe for use with electronic devices.

I'm using Windows 7/8 and I'm having trouble installing my TREZOR Model T. What should I do?

Depending on your specific Windows configuration, difficulties may occur when installing the TREZOR Model T.
If you have problems installing on a computer with Windows software, we recommend (a) installing the program "  ZADIG Installer  "or (b) to manually install the USB driver by following the steps described below:
Look for “windows phone winusb” in the Microsoft Update Catalog.
Download” Windows Phone-Other hardware-WinUsb Device".
Open the contents of the ‘.cab' file that you downloaded into a temporary file.
Select in Device Manager “Update driver software ...   “---> “Browse my computer for software driver".
Navigate to the temporary file where you saved the '.cab' file (point 3 above) and complete the installation.
After following the steps above, try installing the TREZOR Model T again.

Specific questions about the Cryptosteel  
What is the Cryptosteel?

The Cryptosteel is a device the size of an iPhone 8, made 100% out of German stainless steel, specifically designed to safely store the seed key of your hardware wallet (such as a TREZOR or Ledger), in a way that is indestructible and indelible. By making use of the Cryptosteel to preserve your seed key, you can rest easy knowing that your unique backup code ('seed key') is securely stored

What is the use case of the Cryptosteel?

When installing your TREZOR device, a unique seed key of 12 or 24 words (depending on which model you use) is generated that you must (1) accurately record (i.e. spelled correctly and in the correct order) and (2) backup only offline in a secure location to which only you can physically access.
Said seed key represents the backup of the complete contents of your TREZOR. In unforeseen circumstances (for example, theft or loss of your TREZOR device, damage to your TREZOR device or if you have forgotten the PIN code of your TREZOR device), the unique " seed key " will be your only means to regain access to your cryptocurrency and all your other digital data you may have stored on the TREZOR device (such as passwords or U2F security tokens).
WARNING: It is very important that you store your seed key only offline in a secure location that only you are able to physically access. Never make a digital copy of your unique 'seed key'.
Given the major importance of your seed key, it is strongly recommended to use the Cryptosteel to store your seed key in a way that is indestructible and indelibly. Made 100% from German stainless steel, the Cryptosteel is fireproof (the device withstands temperatures of up to 1200 °C/2100 °F), waterproof and is able to withstand violent impacts (e.g. explosions or big impacts, extremely high pressure, etc.).

How to use the Cryptosteel?

The Cryptosteel has two (2) sides that you can open separately (butterfly movement). Each side has room for 12 words of maximum 4 letters. Use the set of stainless-steel letter tiles to assemble your seed key and insert it subsequently in the correct order in the Cryptosteel.
For more information on how to use the Cryptosteel, please follow the step-by-step guide Cryptosteel User Manual

My seed key, consisting of 24 words in total, has more letters that there is space in the Cryptosteel. How can I fill up the open spaces in the Cryptosteel?

Do not worry, this is completely normal.
Each side of the Cryptosteel has room for 12 words of maximum 4 letters.
Insert only the first 4 letters of each word of your seed key in the Cryptosteel.
The first 4 letters of each word are enough to store your entire seed key, even if a particular word in your seed key consists of more than 4 letters. Indeed, the seed key is composed out of BIP39 MNEMONIC type words. This particular type of words has the property that the first 4 letters are always sufficient to know the corresponding complete words.

To learn more about how to use the Cryptosteel, please follow the step-by-step guide Cryptosteel User Manual

My seed key, consisting of 24 words in total, has fewer letters than there is space in the Cryptosteel. How can I fill up the open spaces in the Cryptosteel?

Each side of Cryptosteel has room for 12 words of maximum 4 letters.
In case one or more words from your seed key has less than 4 letters, use the blank stainless-steel tiles (included in the set of tiles) to fill all of the empty spaces, so that each line of the Cryptosteel is completely filled.
In this regard, we recommend that you start with compiling your entire seed key with the stainless-steel letters, before starting to insert them into the Cryptosteel.
To learn more about how to use the Cryptosteel, please follow the step-by-step guide Cryptosteel User Manual

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