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How to receive cryptocurrency with Trezor

How to receive cryptocurrency with Trezor

  1. Sign in

    Open your web browser and navigate to Connect your Trezor device with your computer and sign in.

  2. Select a type of cryptocurrency

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    Select the relevant type of cryptocurrency, on the top left corner of the Trezor wallet interface.

    WARNING: Always make sure to verify that you have selected the right type of cryptocurrency before executing a transaction, more in particular when you wish to send or receive cryptocurrency. You risk losing your cryptocurrency when sending a type of cryptocurrency to an address that does not correspond to the selected cryptocurrency. For example: bitcoin can only be sent to a bitcoin address, but not to a bitcoin cash address (and vice versa).

  3. Select an account and click on Receive

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    Select the relevant account from which you want to send cryptocurrency and click on the ‘Receive’ tab in the main navigation menu, at the top of screen. Click on show full address if you wish to display the complete address.

  4. Confirm the address

    Confirm the address on the Trezor device.

    Make sure to verify that the address that is displayed on the screen of the Trezor device is the same as the address shown on the screen of your computer.

    In order to show the address in a QR code format, press the ‘QR’ button on your Trezor device.

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    COMMENT: An address can be used multiple times (as many times as you want).

  5. Destination and amount

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    Once you have confirmed the destination address on your Trezor device, you will be able to receive cryptocurrency on that address.

    If a person sends cryptocurrency to said address, a transaction will first appear as ‘Unconfirmed’ under the tab ‘Transactions’ on the main navigation menu of the wallet.

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    nce the transaction has received its first confirmation on the network, the label ‘Unconfirmed’ will be replaced by the time of confirmation. Please note that you are able to track the status of the transaction at all times in a blockchain explorer by clicking on the time of confirmation.

    You are able to send the newly received cryptocurrency even before the first confirmation. We recommend you however to wait for at least a couple of confirmations (after 6 confirmations a transaction is generally considered as irreversible). The time of confirmation can vary depending on the transaction fees applied and the congestion of the network.

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