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User friendly TREZOR wallet interface

The numbering used in the below overview refers to the corresponding numbering in the above image.

  1. Select a type of cryptocurrency

In the top left corner of the wallet interface, you are able to select the type of cryptocurrency of your choice (see image, square 1). Click on the downward arrow to display all available cryptocurrencies.

Each type of cryptocurrency has its own wallet, each with one or more different accounts and addresses.

WARNING: Always make sure to verify that you have selected the right type of cryptocurrency before executing a transaction, more in particular when you wish to send or receive cryptocurrency. You risk losing your cryptocurrency when sending a type of cryptocurrency to an address that does not correspond to the selected cryptocurrency. For example: bitcoin can only be sent to a bitcoin address, but not to a bitcoin cash address (and vice versa).

  1. Select a Trezor device

Below the menu for selecting a type of cryptocurrency, you can choose the relevant Trezor device (see image, square 2). This option is relevant in case you would be using several different Trezor devices simultaneously.

When clicking on the name of the Trezor device, you will be able to access the basic settings, the home screen settings and the advanced settings of the selected Trezor device.

  1. Select an account

Below the menu for selecting the relevant Trezor device, you can select the relevant account with which you want to interact (see image, square 3).

You are free to create as many different accounts as you like. You can use multiple accounts simultaneously.

WARNING: Always make sure to verify that you have selected the right account before executing a transaction. Any transaction (e.g. payment) you execute with your Trezor device will be made from the selected account.

  1. Select the type of action you wish to take in the main navigation menu

After having selected the type of cryptocurrency, the Trezor device and the account (see image, squares 1,2 and 3), you will be able to select the action you would like to perform from the main horizontal navigation menu (see image, square 4).

  1. Transactions

When selecting the tab ‘Transactions’, the entire transaction history of the selected account will be displayed in the center of the screen.

  1. Receive

When selecting the tab ‘Receive’, you will be able to easily create public addresses in order to receive payments in the type cryptocurrency that you have selected.

  1. Send

When selecting the tab ‘Send’, you will be able to easily send cryptocurrency to any address of your choice.

Read the step-by-step guide
How to make payments to learn more about this subject.

  1. Exchange

When selecting the tab ‘Exchange’, you will be able to easily exchange cryptocurrency without leaving the Trezor wallet interface. It is therefore no longer necessary to send cryptocurrency to an external online exchange in order to be able to exchange cryptocurrency with Trezor.

Read the step-by-step guide
How to exchange cryptocurrency to learn more about this subject.

  1. Sign & verify

When selecting the tab ‘Sign & Verify’, you will be able to easily sign and verify messages.

Read the step-by-step guide How to sign and verify messages to learn more about this subject.

  1. Wallet settings, labeling, tips and support center

In the left bottom corner of the Trezor wallet interface (see image, square 5), the following menu items are displayed.

  1. Wallet settings

This menu item allows you to modify a certain number of wallet interface settings of your Trezor wallet, such as the default fiat currency (Euro, USD, etc.) displayed, the URL of the Bitcore server, the URL of the blockchain explorer of your choice.

  1. Labeling

Stay on top of all your different transactions and accounts, by labeling accounts, addresses and/or specific transactions.

  1. Get Tips

When selecting the menu item ‘Get Tips’, you will be able to read all kinds of practical tips for using your Trezor device in a more efficient way.

  1. Support Center

This option leads you to the official support center of Trezor. In the event you’re seeking information that would be unavailable on our website, we kindly invite you to take a look at Trezor’s support center. It is more than likely that an answer to your question already exists.

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