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Set-up guide Cryptosteel

Set-up guide Cryptosteel

  1. Cryptosteel explained

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    The Cryptosteel is a device made entirely from German stainless steel, specifically designed to store seed keys of any deterministic crypto hardware wallet (such as Trezor, Ledger, etc.) in an indestructible and fire & waterproof manner. Thanks to the Cryptosteel you have the complete assurance that your seed key will never get destroyed.

    The device has two separate sides, each capable of holding 12 words of maximum 4 letters each (see Step 6 below), which is enough to store the entire seed key of any deterministic crypto hardware wallet (such as, the Trezor hardware wallets and the Ledger hardware wallets).

    Start out by using the steel letter tiles, which are included in the box, to assemble your seed key. Then you can start inserting the steel letter tiles, in the correct order, into the Cryptosteel device. Make sure to follow the below step-by-step instructions.

  2. Separate the 2 sides of the Cryptosteel

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    Separate the 2 sides of the Cryptosteel by opening the device in a butterfly motion.

  3. Unlock both sides of the Cryptosteel

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    Unlock both sides of the Cryptosteel by unscrewing (counter clockwise) the screw situated in the right top corner of each side of the device, with a flat screw driver or small coin.

  4. Lower the levers

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    Lower the levers in the bottom right corner of each side of the Cryptosteel.

  5. Open the frame

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    Open the frame on each side of the device, while holding down the levers (see Step 4).

  6. Insert the steel letter tiles in the frame

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    Insert the steel letter tiles (in the correct order) in the frame of the Cryptosteel, after having assembled your seed key first.

    Make sure to fill each line of the device in its entirety. In case your seed key contains one or more words of 3 letters (or less), use the blank tiles (included in the set) to fill in the empty spaces.


    Each side of the Cryptosteel has room for 12 words of maximum 4 letters. Use the set of stainless-steel letter tiles to assemble your seed key first and insert it subsequently in the correct order in the Cryptosteel.

    Insert only the first 4 letters of each word of your seed key in the Cryptosteel.
    The first 4 letters of each word are enough to store your entire seed key, even if a particular word in your seed key consists of more than 4 letters. Indeed, the seed key is composed out of BIP39 MNEMONIC type words. This particular type of words has the property that the first 4 letters are always sufficient to know the corresponding complete words.

  7. Fermez

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    Close the frame of the Cryptosteel on both sides. Screw (clockwise) the screw, situated in the top right corner of each side of the device, shut. Use a flat screw driver or small coin to achieve this.

    Congratulations. From now on your seed key is fire & waterproof and indestructible.

    Safely store your Cryptosteel in a place that only you are able to physically access. The seed key is the ultimate backup key for all your cryptocurrency and other data stored on your Trezor hardware wallet. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you keep your seed key secret and safe at all times.

You don’t own a Cryptosteel yet? Your seed key is not safe!

Invest in the security of your cryptocurrency and order a Cryptosteel now. Any order placed before 5pm is shipped out the same day.

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